Kazakhstan to Reduce Loading at Refineries

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Kazakhstan reduces its refineries due to the danger of gasoline overstocking and tanks fillup in the country.

According to Kanat Bozumbayev, the minister of energy of Kazakhstan, the situation of gasoline surplus in the country led to the price drop for 96 RON at Astana’s gas stations. Earlier price for 96 RON gasoline was 156 tenge, and now it costs from 147 to 149 tenge per litre. It is hard to tell how the prices will change in other regions yet.

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Kazakhstan plans to export spare gasoline. It is expected that in February 2019, exports to Kyrgyzstan will begin in the amount of 200 thousand tons per year. Earlier, Kazakhstan had to import gasoline due to the shortage. The government planned to build an additional fourth refinery to fill this gap and to meet the needs of the domestic market, but after modernization of existing enterprises, the country was able to achieve the necessary level of production. Despite this, plans to build a new plant are still relevant, because according to forecasts, gasoline consumption in Kazakhstan will continue to grow.

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